Dictation Dictators Dictaphone Olympus Sony Lanier more

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We supply dictation and transcription supplies for Olympus, Sony, Dictaphone, Lanier and many other brands, including foot pedals and headsets. If you can't find the dictation and transcription supplies that you are looking for here? Then call us at 1-800-816-6855 or email us at pos@execuline.com.





















Dictation Dictators Dictaphone Olympus Sony Lanier more

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Dictation Dictators Dictaphone Olympus Sony Lanier more


Built-in Stereo Microphone

The built-in stereo microphone records in stereo to pick up both sides of a conversation with equal clarity

22 Hour Recording.

Enjoy up to 22 hours of recording time for capturing lectures, meetings, interviews, notes and more in LP mode.


64MB Memory

With 64MB of internal memory, you can record up to 22 hours in LP mode, up to 4 hours in higher quality settings, and store, organize, and edit your recordings at will.


Large Backlit LCD Display.
A large, full-dot, backlit LCD is easy to read so you can be aware of file information, recording time, events and more at all times.

Recording Format DSS(LP/SP)/WMA(HQ/SSP/SHQ)
Recording Media Built-in 64MB
Recording Time 22 hours 20 min (LP)
10 hours 25 min (SP)
4 hours 20 min (HQ)
2 hours 10 min (SSP)
1 hour 5 min (SHQ)
Card Format N/A
Input Level N/A
PC Interface USB cable
LCD Large, backlit LCD screen
Folders Messages Five (5) folders capable of storing up to 199 files each
Sampling Frequency SHQ 44.1kHz:128kbps
SSP 44.1kHz:64kbps
HQ 44.1kHz:32kbps
SP 12kHz:13.7kbps
LP 8kHz:6.3kbps
Overall Frequency Response SHQ 100-17000Hz
SSP 100-8000Hz
HQ 100-7000Hz
SP 200-5000Hz
LP 200-3000Hz
LP Mode Yes
Voice Activation Yes
Demographic Data Input N/A
Practical Maximum Output 200 mW
Write Protection No
Speaker 23 mm
Microphone Jack 3.5 mm/Impedance, 2 kOhm
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm/Impedance, 8 Ohm
Power Supply 2 x 1,5 V/AAA battery
Batteries AAA
External Power Supply No
Battery Life 18 hours
Size 122 x 37.5 x 17.5 (mm)
Weight 80 g (including batteries)
OS Supported Windows - Microsoft Windows ME/2000 Professional/XP professional, Home Edition
Macintosh - Mac OS 10.1/10.2/10.3
CPU Windows - Intel Pentium II class 333 MHz procesor or more
Macintosh - Power Mac G3 233 MHz class processor or faster
RAM 128 MB or more (256MB or more is recommended)
Sound Board Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or 100% compatible sound card
Video Card and Display N/A
Removable Drive N/A
USB Port Yes
Audio Output Earphone output or speakers
Dictation Dictators Dictaphone Olympus Sony Lanier more


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