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EBS - 3021 Merriam Lane

Kansas City, Kansas, 66106



The founder of EBS got his start in the typewriter business in 1953, when every desk was equipped with a typewriter and adding machine. Over the years, the office machine industry has gone through huge technical advancements. Even with the computerization of the modern office it may surprise you to know that there are many typewriters still in use today. These machines are the simplest, and often the quickest, way to take care of many day to day office demands.

With the computers replacing typewriters at home and work, many manufacturers have ceased production of typewriter parts and supplies. Big name manufacturers like IBM and Xerox no longer produce machines or the parts and supplies to keep them in operation.

EBS has been successful in the office equipment business because of their vast knowledge of office equipment that has changed over the last 60 years. EBS manufacturers ribbons, print rollers and supplies for typewriters, calculators, printers, cash registers, time clocks and many specialty types of machines.